WELCOME to Groomingdales, a company catering to
the needs of pets and their owners. We offer doggy day
care and grooming at Groomingdales, plus night and
day pet-sitting in homes.

Wayne Noel established Groomingdales in 1992 and
has continually maintained excellent service that
cannot be challenged by any other competitor.

Located at 1130 Chula Vista Avenue in Burlingame,
California . . . Groomingdales provides a wholesome,  
clean and cheerful atmosphere for pets.
Groomingdales holds the prestigious designation of
the National Certified Master Groomers also SPCA
Grooming College. Among its many honors,
Groomingdales was voted the best grooming shop in
San Mateo County for the year of 2000.

Pamper your pet with our special care in your
home or at the Groomingdales pet spa. A day at
Groomingdales is real treat for any pet!
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Groomingdales, Pet Grooming, Burlingame, CA
1130 Chula Vista Ave   Burlingame, Ca.  .94010